Detailed mould flow analysis will be sent to customer, where all the issues will be reflected.Like potential risks of shrinage, air trap, warpage, as well as to reduce the welding line and cooling ...
We offer engineering advice for injection gate position, ejection and cooling layouts, part defects and etc.This helps to improve efficiency .
Mould Design must meet customer standards and requirements.We focus specially on cooling, air venting, welding line, deformation control, etc.
The project mannager provides a detailed process plan with latest pictures and indicated T1 date . In case of any change of the plan, solutions will be provided together.
PreT1 test, we will fit and check all the components in the tool, to find any potential risks of defected parts.
After T1, we inspect the samples by CMM/ projector according to customer 2D print and provide sample dimension report together with trail report, parameter report, video.
We will provide a complete improvement plan after customer comments, including detailed work method and lead time. Then make the TF to prepare the mould for shipping.
We provide various methods of shipment:air/sea/express/train as customers request. All the moulds are air-vacumm packaging for your fast run after the mould deliveries.
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