Once an estimate is prepared, our team begins the process of designing plastic injection mould.

Good mould design input minimizes the processing problems, shortens cycle time and help the products to market faster. We have creative and experienced designers to offer high quality mould drawings in both 2D and 3D.
We have a deep understanding of tool manufacturing methods and specialty tooling needs. We keep a direct and open line of communication between our customers and the engineer working on your project. “Quality, experience, and end-to-end service are critical to our design services”.
TDP Mould accepts the following 3D file formats: Solid Works, Pro E, Catia  V5, AutoCAD, IGES, STEP, etc.
Mould-Flow Analysis
Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM)
Project Management
Mould-flow analysis eliminates the potential mould-making problems. We always check for balanced fill along with concerns related to shrink, warp, cooling, venting, weld lines, and clamp tonnage requirements. It saves cost and time of rework and hence speeds up overall project process.
We have the expertise to take your project from a concept to installation of the final product and all steps that come in between including design, feasibility study, CAD modeling, CAE flow analysis from filling till warpage,  etc, focusing on fast cycle times, long-lasting mould, and your aesthetic requirement.

The engineer manager is working directly with you. This enables you to understand and see our processes first hand. Project management allows us to establish up front and throughout a project customer goals, timelines and expectations. By advocating for your project, our managers help keep your project on time and on budget.
Plastic injection moulds are designed, constructed and inspected on-site for both short and long term production runs.
Injection Mould Build
Injection Mould Press
Whether you need a prototype mould  or a high cavitation mould for extended production runs, our skilled craftsmen have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to exceed your mould fabrication expectations.
TDP will ensure the best mould is built for your intended application.
Press size range from 120T to 1000T.
The project engineers and customers to check the trial process.Our team has extensive experience running many types of moulding applications.

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